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Let's begin...

As guest walked in, this arch with drapery welcomed them into the reception area. 

Styling & Set-up:  Eyesome Events     |   Signage:  Unshakably Unique     |   Mirror Rental:  Ten Four Decor  

Styling & Set-up: Eyesome Events    |   Signage: Unshakably Unique    |   Mirror Rental: Ten Four Decor 

The bride and groom arrived in style in a beautiful Rolls Royce. 

Styling & Set-up:  Eyesome Events       

Styling & Set-up: Eyesome Events      

This time, the bride and groom got to see the reception area all set-up before any of their guest did. We were able to catch their reaction on camera when they saw their names on our Tiago mirror...and that kiss!

As guest made their way to their table, this adorable vintage table greeted them. Mario was very involved in the planning process and painted this table just for their wedding day, so we had to make sure it looked amazing all dolled up. Not only did it look great, but it hosted a much needed water station to help guest stat cool. A.S Gourmet Catering made delicious and refreshing honey dew and cucumber water, lemonade, and passion fruit iced tea.  

Styling & Set-up:  Eyesome Events     |   Water Dispenser:  Ten Four Decor      

Styling & Set-up: Eyesome Events    |   Water Dispenser: Ten Four Decor     

As the bride and groom stepped away to take pictures, guacamole, salsa, chips and fruit were made available to guest by A.S Gourmet Catering


Laser engraved wood table numbers helped guest find their seat. 

Styling & Set-up:  Eyesome Events     |   Signage:  Unshakably Unique     

Styling & Set-up: Eyesome Events    |   Signage: Unshakably Unique    

And can we please take a minute to obsess over these centerpieces and how amazing the reception tables looked? Their gold chargers adorned the tables A.S Gourmet Catering set-up. 

Styling & Set-up:  A  .S Gourmet Catering    |   Signage:  Unshakably Unique     |   Photo:   Super Million Visuals    

Styling & Set-up: A.S Gourmet Catering   |   Signage: Unshakably Unique    |   Photo:  Super Million Visuals   

Beautiful table set-up for guest add pressure to a gorgeous sweetheart table, but this time it definitely did not disappoint. Framed by greenery, sheer curtains, raining flowers, and a beautiful chandeliers, this sweetheart table looks so elegant. 

Styling & Set-up:  Eyesome Events     |   Signage:  Unshakably Unique     

Styling & Set-up: Eyesome Events    |   Signage: Unshakably Unique    

Even the back of their chairs were decorated. 

Styling & Set-up:  Eyesome Events     |   Signage:  Unshakably Unique     

Styling & Set-up: Eyesome Events    |   Signage: Unshakably Unique    

There cannot be a great wedding unless it has good food. And A.S Gourmet Catering defintely made sure everything was delicious. 

DSC01275 (3).JPG

And now some picture of the decor. This raining flower backdrop was a huge hit with guests. 

DSC01148 (2).JPG
DSC01225 (2).JPG

And once the cake table got there, it looked even prettier. 

cake tabble.JPG

And as the sun set, the warmth of the lights made everything feel even more magical.

DSC01304 (2).JPG

Dessert time came and guest were definitely in for a treat. Porto's cake in red velvet, strawberry shortcake,  and chocolate flavors was only the beginning. The display also included cheese and guava rolls in addition to an array of different little treats. Top it all off with an ice cream cart that made this dessert bar was one for the books. 

DSC01329 (2).JPG

Coordinating & Styling: EyesomeEvents

Signage: Unshakably Unique

Catering and table Set-Up: A.S Gourmet Catering

Venue: Blomgren Ranch

Decor Rentals: TenFour Decor

Cake & Pastries : Portos
















DSC01314 (2).JPG
DSC01315 (2).JPG
DSC01339 (2).JPG
DSC01343 (2).JPG
DSC01350 (2).JPG

And that wraps it up. A magical evening celebrating Mario and Yanet's love. 

Till next event...!*