Event Styling & Coordinating

Anahi: “My husband and I had started planning our wedding two years prior to our wedding date. We had chosen our church, venue, colors, decorations and our vendors booked. Being Mexican, it’s typical to have both sides of our families help out the day of the wedding. That involves setting up, serving the food, hosting the guest, cake cutting, and the dreaded clean up. Doesn’t sound like a tough task but with 400 guest, we worried it would to be too much for our families to handle. It was not until our venue consultant suggested a wedding planner that we came across Priscilla. We met at Starbucks and after hearing her prior experience, I was sold. I thought I had taken care of every aspect of our wedding, but boy did she school me! Priscilla had so much information to share and brought up ideas I had not even considered. I left feeling overwhelmed but relieved to know that someone else was going to be there to make everything go as smooth as possible on our wedding day. Throughout the several meetings leading up to the wedding day, Priscilla helped create a timeline (which was VERY helpful), contact the vendors, the final walk through and overall layout of the venue. Fast forward to the big day, she was there from 7:00 am to set up, until the very end. It was hard to envision the final outcome of the venue and boy did it exceed our expectations. From the personalized name tags and cake topper (which was an added bonus), to our sweetheart table and everything in-between, her attention to detail was perfect! From the moment we arrived, she was very attentive. She made sure our guest were escorted to their seats, that the food was ready, the music was setup, all while making sure my husband and I always had a drink in our hand! She was very courteous and professional with all our guest and vendors. Priscilla takes her job as a wedding planner seriously and is willing to go above and beyond to make sure your wedding day is all you imagined.”

Krista: “Priscilla was Amazing! I can't tell you how many things went wrong on my wedding day and I didn't know about so many of them because Priscilla took care of them. I first found out about her from a mutual friend and when we met I was impressed at how detail oriented she was. Her many years of event planning was quick to show and honestly I wish I had found her sooner in order to pick her brain about vendors and referrals. We had a wedding of 170 and she was able to bring in wait staff and assistants last minute because my husband and I were in over our heads with he responsibility of it all! My day wouldn't and couldn't have gone as smooth as it did if it weren't for her!! Cant say enough amazing things about this one!

Fernanda: “She is amazing! I am so happy we found her and honestly it was really comforting knowing we had someone genuine on our corner to help plan our version of an unforgettable wedding on our terms and budget. When we got engaged, I was not one of those brides that knew exactly how our wedding day was going to be. I knew that I and my now-husband were going to be there, other than that, we were lost. So, I figured, let's go to one of those bridal shows, that should help, right? Wrong! We felt even more overwhelmed by everything they said we needed. One minute he pops the question, and the next day they expect us to know guest, colors, invitations, band, how many flower girls and whether or not you are registered?! Like how in the world?! Oh, and on top of that everyone you know is now, all of a sudden, a wedding expert telling you what to do. Oh, and don't forget about pinterest!!! I was venting to a friend and she recommended Priscilla from a wedding she was on. Well, let me tell you! She is a gift sent from the bridal angels that, somehow, is always one step ahead of you when it comes to planning. We really liked that as opposed to just giving us a bunch of options and things to decide on, she had a plan and gave us what I called "wedding homework". For us, it made the process a lot less overwhelming and way more enjoyable. Also, she is super crafty and has a really good eye for decorations. We loved every detail on our wedding. We literally dumped a bunch of random stuff and ideas on her, and somehow she just knew how and where everything should be. She keeps it real when it came to expectations and budget. When we met we joked about what if everything went wrong. She said if it rained she could hold an umbrella for us; if the cake fell, she could buy cupcakes at the market. As long as we remembered that our wedding, above all, was a day for us to celebrate love. No umbrellas or cupcakes were needed, because thanks to her, everything went super smooth.

Lauren: “We hired Priscilla for my wedding and don't think it would have been possible to host such a memorable evening without her. She was responsible for sorting out everything from decorations, to invitations, to venue and did it seamlessly. Then, when the day of the event finally came I was confident Priscilla could handle any unexpected hiccup so that I could enjoy the evening with my guests. Considering that my family only spoke English and my husband's only spoke Spanish, it was such a plus that she's fluent in both. AND she works at a very reasonable price. I enjoyed working with Priscilla and highly recommend investing in Eyesome Events for whatever event you want to throw.

Melina: “The details where awsome!!! The entire night went by very nicely they really took care of everything I enjoyed my day with no worries about anything!!!!

Cynthia: “From the moment we met Priscilla, it was clear we were dealing with a professional. She offered us two tiers of her services - either day-of coordination, or intense and involved wedding planning from beginning to end. Not knowing where to start if we were to do it ourselves, we opted for her full planning service, and we can honestly say it was the best decision we made short of actually deciding to get married. Priscilla was actively involved in pretty much every process leading up to the wedding day, giving advice and suggestions in everything from what vendors to use, to which colors would go together the best. She was flexible with her time, making herself available at all hours, even into the middle of the night to resolve whatever crisis was at hand. She was extremely knowledgeable about the finer details of the type of event we wanted to have, and we trusted her judgment enough that we were comfortable in giving her free reign to do what she felt was best. Even though we didn't know exactly what style of wedding we wanted for ourselves, Priscilla understood us enough that she was able to develop a vision that honored our different cultures as well as our individual personalities down to the small details. She was conscientious about cost when we told her that we didn't have the biggest budget to work with, but still everything turned out beautifully. She was resourceful in saving us money, but in the end nothing at the ceremony or reception seemed cheap. Both of our families as well as many of our guests remarked that it was the classiest, most beautiful, and most fun wedding that they had ever seen. From our first meeting she was able to discern exactly the kind of event we wanted to throw to celebrate this momentous occasion, and in the end she pulled it off with the delicate precision of a Renaissance artist sculpting a masterpiece out of a block of marble.”